02-Jul-2012 10:50

Reduced Mobile Charges Active

As promised, the new regulations reducing mobile data whilst travelling overseas in Europe are now active…

These have been set in place in an attempt to prevent the very real problems many European travellers have suffered upon return home, when they receive enormous bills for roaming data, data applications, using maps…

Data should now cost no more than 70 cents (about 56p) per megabyte - far less than the previous rates. Meanwhile, calls will be capped at 29cents or about 23p per minute +vat.

From 2014, consumers will also be able to choose a different operator abroad in the EU from the one they use at home.

Our SimplyTravelSim however still remsins a far cheaper option with free roaming in many countries and very low outgoing rates & mobile data charges.

If you’re travelling on holidays or business, please check our rates first to ensure a stress-free trip & reduced bills.

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