12-Jul-2012 16:18

Are They Really Dead?

Recent articles have advised & warned of the demise of the ‘landline’ telephone service…


Here at SimplyFone we are not quite in agreement just yet…

As many are – to their cost & annoyance – aware that in the last day or so O2 has been in the news because its network collapsed in certain areas - and for some unlucky clients wasn’t restored until midday today.

O2 have advised that their problems stemmed from a fault in the central network system, rather than a mast issue.
So, the O2 outage lottery meant that as it wasn’t directly a location-related issue, some people were fully cut off; others intermittently and others not at all affected.

But are we missing the bigger picture?

Many, in 2012, buy products with an actual expectation that they may fail or breakdown.

However, and not that long ago, almost everyone, and certainly all businesses, communicated via fixed landline telephone services which never failed.

Today’s mobile networks suffer regular outages, emails seem to disappear into cyber world black-holes, our PCs and laptops are almost certainly designed to give up & die within four years of manufacture & mobile phones shatter the first time they’re dropped!

However, fixed landline services worked well and worked reliably… unless a freak storm threw a tree across the line, or an under-sea fiber optic cable was snagged, very rare occurrences indeed.

So, the next time some bright spark visits your offices and recommends you rip out the fixed landlines and replace everything with a mobile or VoIP based services, ask yourself some searching questions for the sake of your business, your livelihood and your sanity!

…fixed line services may not be quite dead yet.


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