05-Sep-2010 13:16

So come on, own up… Be honest… Are you?

So come on, own up… Be honest… Are you or are you not…?

… a workaholic?

Summer holidays are, for most, almost over now.

So pray tell us: are you or are you not a workaholic?

Whilst you were tanning on the beach, touring, enjoying a cool beer in the sun, sailing on a boat, enjoying a great meal or simply taking time off at home… did you miss your work, your office, the camaraderie & did you worry about work?

Did you worry that things were going haywire, that your staff & help were unable to cope, were incapable of working without your input and the business was going downhill fast ‘without you’!

It’s accepted that an indication of a workaholic is when you are constantly connected to the office – be it by mobile or landline phone, internet, BlackBerry or laptop.

& how many times on your recent holiday, or indeed daily, do you tell your wife or girlfriend (or hubbie / boyfriend) that you’ll be ready in a minute but; you just have to finish this sooooo vital report, email, attachment, message etc…

…or how many times did you say, ‘’you go on down to the beach, pub, bar, café and I’ll follow in 5 minutes when I’ve completed this short….’’
Yep, haven’t we all experienced those little voices in the head, telling us, ‘’hey, it's not our fault, because if we don't do it, who will?’’
So c’mon peeps - be honest here!
Getting work done and putting in a little overtime is one thing & certainly admirable, but do you know when enough is enough!!

I know I’d fail the workaholic test!

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Contributed by Emma on 20-Sep-2010 21:49
What holiday????
Contributed by Tony Hine on 19-Sep-2010 00:37

I am very lucky in that I don't "work", I'm not saying I don't work, what I am saying is I enjoy what I do, therefore it's not work...

I have never understood people that spend their lives working at something they don't enjoy doing.
Contributed by Jane Penson on 11-Sep-2010 21:16
August is for my family.
They are grown up and living abroad but were spending some time with us in the summer.
I frequently forgot where my mobile phone was or left it on silent. I was at home so picked up emails occasionally but it was a clear second priority and I wasn't even 'on holiday'.

Contributed by Jonathan Jackson on 11-Sep-2010 21:10
Admittedly, yes in the past I would hold my hands up as being a bit of a workaholic!
Think I've got control of it now though.
Balance Balance Balance!
... that said, I am posting comments to here at 9pm! Maybe I haven't quite kicked my... "workaholism" :-)
Contributed by Victoria Clark on 08-Sep-2010 17:24
Stephen & I both hold our hands up.

We are soon going on holiday & we will take laptop etc. with us & call in for messages.
Contributed by Martin Brook on 08-Sep-2010 11:07
I think there is a mixture of things..there are jobs/areas of work that motivate me to work outside of work. Also though due the nature and state of the railway industry at the moment there tends to be pressures that necessitate the extra effort on an ongoing basis
Contributed by Liz Harris on 08-Sep-2010 11:05
Oh my Goodness, we all seriously need to get a life - work to live, don't live to work and all that. I (we, I'm sure) work hard, long hours if needed, extra before some time off to get finished - but we (SHOULD?) do it so we can enjoy our lives.

Hopefully we can enjoy our trips away and hours off and come back more refreshed (and productive). I used to proudly say "oh yes, I work long hours and don't take much time off" but now I realise how sad that sounds, and on those sort of weeks, am embarassed rather than proud to have such a dreadful work life balance.

There are so many great virtual administrators out there who can answer phones and emails and let us know if there is anything REALLY urgent. Internet cafes, libraries, hotel wi-fi and web mail mean it's possible to deal with anything really urgent remotely and breifly. Otherwise - kick back, chill out, re-connect with your partner/family/friends - otherwise, what's it all about...?
Contributed by Charles Joynson on 08-Sep-2010 10:19
Before mobile phones appeared in the early 90s you had to take a real disconnected holiday. Now its blackberry on the beach.
Contributed by Frenchy Gloder on 08-Sep-2010 10:08
If I was not working, I would probably think about what needs doing! 24 hours does not seem enough hours in a day to do everything. Are we pathetic or do we just enjoy our jobs too much?

Contributed by Derek Rocholl on 07-Sep-2010 14:17
What's a holiday ?

Contributed by Tony Tappy on 07-Sep-2010 10:27
Yes , I can join this club, I found it dificult to discuss a project whilst on a quad bike in Jamaica.

My wife was not impressed and thought it unessary to stay in touch at all times,
My clients are not very understanding when I am unavailable. Blackberry is the answer.
Contributed by Shelley Fishel, The Training Surgery Limited on 07-Sep-2010 09:03
Well I would fail your test too!!

I work in my office which is situated off my kitchen so when not "working" I am still "working" only swapping one kind of work for another!

As I enjoy both, not too bad I think.

As to when away, well I have to own up to checking email on my laptop once or twice a day or on my blackberry ( when I can afford to switch it on abroad that is!!) however I only deal with really urgent things when away.
Contributed by Karl Robinson on 06-Sep-2010 16:36
I too am guilty of the 'alarm off, check email' habit first thing in the morning! Also found instant messaging (ebuddy on the iPhone) is a great way of sneakily communicating with the office whilst on holiday - much less conspicuous than a phone call, but more immediate than an email.
Contributed by martin roach, epitype º branding group on 06-Sep-2010 15:12
It's not all fun though ...
Because I use my 'holiday' time to strategise and build the business [time to think] I'm constantly pacing up and down the beach thinking [I have to move when I'm thinking].
I love hatching plans and thinking of how to make our service better but ... for my poor family this can be a bit tedious.

Sometimes I wish I could switch off a bit more but I wonder if that is naive. After all being 'on it' all the time is part of what makes me me ...


Contributed by ARTHUR CROKER on 06-Sep-2010 12:42
Always have my laptop and blackberry with me .
Would be lost without being able to keep up with email from clients.
My wife goes thinks its great ??
Contributed by Alan Stevens, President, Global Speakers Federati on 06-Sep-2010 12:32
I regularly take complete breaks from any form of electronic (or even pigeon-borne) communication.
That's one of the reasons why I run my own business, so that I can switch off from work completely.
I find that it stimulates my creativity and recharges my mental batteries for when I return to the office. Few things are urgent enough to require an immediate response, I've found (and I don't use those dreadful autoresponders, either).

I aim to have at least two work-free days each week (not always weekends) and several breaks of between three and fourteen days through the year, with my family, when work is never mentioned. I also take half days off to go to the gym, go for a run, linger over a coffee etc.
In my experience, working for yourself needn't mean working longer or harder.

Each to their own, I guess.

Best wishes

Contributed by Brian Williamson on 06-Sep-2010 12:30
I do try to get away in our caravan at least ten times a year.
I am certainly not addicted to work.

Would rather not actually if circumstances permitted.

Contributed by Thomas Power, Chairman - Ecademy on 06-Sep-2010 09:37
I am.

Contributed by Demos Flouri, Find Me Marketing on 06-Sep-2010 09:36

I can not stop! day or night, if work needs to be done then I do it.
My GF hates it, I am a workaholic.
Some work to live, I live to work.
Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 06-Sep-2010 09:35
Common theme running here guys...

We are all 'tied' to our work - BUT, thankfully we all love it and probably would not have it any other way....
Contributed by Ayrtam Ryall • on 06-Sep-2010 09:33
Had two weeks abroad and made the conscious decision for the first time not to take the laptop or mobile phone.
Big mistake!
Spent more time wondering what was going on and any initiatives or ideas I had just kept me awake as I could not share them with the team!
It would have been easier and less stressful if I could check emails and send a few.

Never again!
Contributed by Aaron McCluskey Foxsearch Education-Health-R2R • on 06-Sep-2010 09:33
Owning a blackberry now means I'm wired into my business 24 hours a day, the first thing I do in the morning is put the bb alarm to "snooze" then check emails much to the annoyance of my wife!
Contributed by John Terry • on 06-Sep-2010 09:32
Guilty as charged, even managed to find a way of picking up e-mails in our suite on a cruise ship in the Atlantic.
All my staff and key contacts check the date stamp on my e-mails, anything after 4 am is considered a long lie in!
Contributed by Mark Scobey • on 06-Sep-2010 09:31
Also, if you love what you do, it's easy not to think of it as work.
Contributed by Sarah Rugg • on 05-Sep-2010 23:54
I just can't stop working, I'm a serial workaholic.

Doesn't that apply to everyone on here - or am I alone in needing to get a life?!
Contributed by Jon Green • on 05-Sep-2010 23:54
On holidays or weekends, however hard I try to leave business behind, it never seems to return the compliment!
Contributed by Steve Hall on 05-Sep-2010 23:49


Guilty as charged, your honour
Contributed by Cornelis de Maijer, on 05-Sep-2010 18:33
Moi workaholic?

sunday blog reading on business networks...

Naaaaah not me!
Contributed by Solveigh Calderin, Hereke Carpets - Tradition, Bea on 05-Sep-2010 17:12
When I worked for others, I experienced that I always counted the days till the next holidays.

Since I'm working for my own I even do not need holidays, because doing what I love I'm never tired to continue my doing...

Workaholic? No, but enjoying my doing in each moment!
Contributed by William Buist on 05-Sep-2010 15:31

Work life = Lork Wife = lirk wofe = lifk wore = life work - and the cycle is complete.

Work is life - Life is work.

My name is William and I am a workaholic

- Thank you for being here for me.
Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 05-Sep-2010 15:28
Ah Georgina…

Enjoying work is a rare and commendable virtue.

However, may I add that 'everyone' needs a break to replenish, invigorate & stimulate the the grey calls and enliven the spirit.

All work and no…… ;-)
Contributed by Georgina Lester on 05-Sep-2010 15:18
My work IS my holiday!
Contributed by SimplyFone blogger on 05-Sep-2010 14:32
Errr Steve...

You failed the test too! Join the crowd!
Contributed by Steve Green, Director, Test Partners Ltd on 05-Sep-2010 14:31
Holiday? What's a holiday?

sn't that something you do when you work for someone else?

I sometimes take a weekend off - why would anyone need more than that?
Contributed by Phillip Khan-Panni - Speaker & Coach on 05-Sep-2010 14:31
I live in my office.

My wife keeps interrupting me for meals, and cups of tea.

I'm considering an intravenous alternative, so I can continue to monitor blog activity without a break.

Contributed by SimplyFone Bloggers on 05-Sep-2010 14:30
Aha Massimo...

The secret to your undoubted success :-)
Contributed by Massimo Luciani on 05-Sep-2010 13:25
I'm not constantly connected to my office

I'm constantly physically in my office! :-(
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