25-Jul-2012 11:22

Are you Aware of the London Olympics Trading Rules?

Unless you are one of the few Olympic sponsors you may find yourself sued or even prosecuted for using the Games as a marketing opportunity.
The Olympic logo was protected by law in 1995 and the London Olympic Games & Paralympic Games Act 2006 is the legislation for this year’s Games and includes rules to protect the commercial sponsors of the Games.

Q) So what can we not do?
A) OK - No use of Olympic symbol permitted. Any use of the five ring Olympic symbol, the 2012 logo, the words ‘games’, ‘2012’, ‘two thousand and twelve’ in combination with each other or with London, gold, silver, bronze or medals is illegal and can attract the wrath of LOCOG (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) and a fine of up to £20,000. (If you do any Olympic related promotion on your website, expect to receive an email warning to remove it.)

Q) Can I advertise near the Olympic Venues?
A) Anything within an Olympic ‘event zone’ is prohibited unless you are there already – e.g. a shop on the Olympic cycle route can maintain its usual window display, but if you want to take advantage of the crowds to advertise some different products, be aware – you could be arrested and fined.

Q) Can I trade near the Zones?
A) No trading is permitted in an event zone. If you already have a pizza house near the Olympic park, you can carry on with your business. But if you decided to take your pizzas along the street on a barrow to the passing crowds, you could fall foul of the rules. If the authorities suspect you of breaking them, you can be raided: the 2006 Act specifically allows the police (or a Games official) to enter premises and destroy or remove any ‘offending article’ and to use ‘reasonable force’ in the process.

Good luck to all…

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