29-Aug-2012 10:35

A big, fat, warm thank you this morning to BT...

A big, fat, warm thank you this morning to BT...

Thank you BT for helping convince even more UK residential and business clients to move over to SimplyFone for both line rentals and calls…

Why you ask? Well, just read the Daily Mail article below...

Example 1.:
BT: “Daytime local and national calls will rise by from 7.95p per minute to 8.41p per minute. In addition, BT’s call setup fee (charged per call) will also increase from 13.1p to 13.87p.”

SimplyFone: Our Daytime local and national calls remain at 1.88p per minute and the cost of evening calls remains at 1.49p per min. In addition, SimplyFone’s call setup fee (charged per call) remains at ZERO, yep you read correctly, for most clients, a big fat nothing, no charge, no minimum fee, nada…!”
(SimplyFone’s rates exclude vat)

Example 2.:
“Perhaps of most annoyance to households will by an 5.82 per cent rise in line rental. Most homes have no choice but to pay this in order to receive broadband, even when it is provided by another company.
The charge is rising by 85p, from £14.60 a month to £15.45, if you pay by direct debit. The charge for paying by cash or cheque will also increase from £1.89 to £2, taking monthly line rental paid for via these methods to £17.45 a month.”

SimplyFone: Our Line Rentals remain: just £9.79p per month for a residential client & just £10.20 per month for business line rentals. And not only great rates but BT Features like Caller Display & Call Waiting & the rest are only £1.10 per month
(SimplyFone’s rates exclude vat)

So, come on people, tell all your family & mates and join the SimplyFone party today…

You know it makes sense :)

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