21-Sep-2012 09:47

"How ‘Not’ To Do Business"

SimplyFone have a popular telecoms product called HOMECARD which allows any client by means of an (020xx or 0800xx) access number + unique PIN no# to make a call from just about anywhere in the world > anywhere at rather low rates and have that call billed/itemised to their residential or business monthly SimplyFone bill.

To cut a long story short, a client called regarding an issue they had and when we checked their bill, we noticed that this client had loyally been using this service for over 10 years.

So far, so good..

What we also noticed however, was that they been charged totally incorrect & far too low rates (no idea how it had slipped through the net) for all 10 years.

Looking through their account we saw that their average spend on this service was consistently about £40 p/month = £4800 over 10 years, and that sadly the profit (before our expenses on credit card payment charges and posted bills and PPS etc) totalled just £1.80p!


As we said: “How ‘not’ to do business”!! :(

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Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 05-Oct-2012 14:26
Thank you Isaac in Toronto for your wise words.

We appreciate your thoughts, and we wish your Debt Collection Company continued success & prosperity.
Contributed by Isaac Toronto on 05-Oct-2012 01:11
As I once heard from a wise man "this too is for the best"...
I think that your goodwill gesture of maintaining the existing rates is a perfect example of why Simplyfone remains such a trusted service and I shall continue to use you and recommend the service to members of my Debt Collection company
Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 22-Sep-2012 23:02
Oh… and in case you’re wondering on the outcome…

…One bit we didn't mention is that he has been a regular client too for 10+ years on his company & home telecoms usages on which we do show a healthy profit...

We spoke to the client explaining the situation and told him that in view of his undoubted loyalty, & as a gesture of thanks, we will keep his (incorrect) rates exactly as they are...

He was chuffed and mentioned he'd put in a good word about us to his biz mates...

A win, win resolution we reckon :)
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