07-Sep-2010 17:49

Credit and debit card problems?

Monthly, my SimplyFone accounts department automatically debit 10,000’s of bank accounts via direct debit mandates & client credit and debit cards for customer payments.

This month a few credit/debit card payments were declined by the relevant issuing providers.

We retried manually and again received a 'declined' notice.

On all occasions the clients called us in frustration complaining that the cards/accounts were definitely fine, active and valid.

Following, however, their complaint to their banks or credit card providers, the following emailed message was forwarded to us by one of our slightly more technical clients (notice the highly technical language and terms he used):

''Attn. Simplyfone Accounts Dept:
HSBC fraud detection cockup.
They blocked SimplyFone on my card.
To be honest, I like their fraud detection systems but this one seems to have gone wrong adding SimplyFone Ltd to the algorithm.
The Card will be OK by tomorrow.

Maybe you should check if someone out there is cloning the SimplyFone name? Name hijacks are on the rise.''

Can this be true?

Have any of you recently suffered a similar problem & is this indeed something to worry about?

Comments would be welcomed.

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Contributed by Laurence on 08-Sep-2010 10:42
This is extraordinary, and surely there should be some protection in place from your card processor to ensure this does not happen.
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