18-Oct-2012 16:39

Ofcom set to investigate mid-contract telecom price rises

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator is to investigate companies that raise prices after a customer has signed a long-term contract.

There are very real concerns that customers seem to be at the mercy of fixed-line, mobile phone & broadband companies that raise call charges once a customer is locked into a contract.

The consultation, which follows pressure from consumer groups, will cover mobile and fixed-line telecoms companies.
Vodafone revealed that line rentals on fixed mobile contracts would increase £1.55 a month from November 2012 whilst Three, T-Mobile and Orange have already done so, according to Which.

Others to have increased prices for contract customers this year, include Sky who are raising home line rentals from 12.25 > £14.50 per month; BT are increasing line rentals to £15.45p per month in Jan 2013 & UK daytime calls from 7.95p > 8.41p with a minimum call charge going up from 13.1p > 13.87p & Virgin are increasing line rentals from £13.80 > £14.50 per month.

and SimplyFone, I hear you cry…?

…no change :-)

our residential line rentals remain at £9.79 +vat & business line rentals are still £10.20 +vat per month & without any minimum call charges.

Oh, and just to further whet your appetites, SimplyFone still have no time-related contracts – ever!

Even more reason to call us as soon as you can on 0800 619 2626 or email:

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Contributed by Make up tips on 18-Oct-2012 17:14
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