30-Oct-2012 16:07

iPhone 5; schmiPhone 5…! Nope, I still love my Blackberry

Despite much of the current hype surrounding iPhones and Android devices, many SME sized business users still love their BlackBerry mobiles.

For some people, it doesn’t matter how much buzz Apple’s devices get; they’re still die-hard BlackBerry users.

Despite Research in Motion’s eroding market share (& valuation) and rotten press the company still makes a phone that many say is simple to use and better for business tasks like typing emails.

Here are why we think that many small businesses still prefer BlackBerry...

Speed of Email Access:
BlackBerry users swear by their email access and speed. Email just arrives on the phone automatically.

One clear advantage to the BlackBerry is that the phones are not too complicated. You can swiftly find the Web browser, email apps, and text-messaging tools.

Many BlackBerry phones force you to use a complex password created to make sure your company phone is safe from hacking. More consumer-oriented phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III also offer authentication, but some of the features can be easily bypassed.

Fast (& Easy) Typing:
Some BlackBerry users say the touch-screen keyboards on phones like the iPhone 4S and the Nokia Lumia series do not respond well to finger presses. This is partly based on the size of your fingers and whether you need tactile feedback, although many phones use haptic technology to send a slight buzz when you touch the virtual keys.

BlackBerry Messenger:
Some users have stayed with the BlackBerry Messenger client which is compared to SMS text messaging from the mobile operator but works through the BlackBerry’s Net connection. Familiarity is a common explanation… many trust what they know.

Some BlackBerry users are not big fans of the Google privacy policies although it is said that those who prefer iPhone and Android phones may view this as a generational issue – many simply have need for the extra apps and services.

So, do you swear by your BlackBerry?

I know I do…

(part source: mmagazine)

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