02-Nov-2012 13:45

Jimmy Saville Syndrome? Hmmm...

Without having the proven facts to condemn or absolve Mr. Saville, there is no doubting that his alleged sexual proclivities have concentrated the minds of many.

There has been much media & water-cooler comment discussing sexual harassment in the workplace, at home and in schools. And it would appear that some have a ‘story to tell’ and it may not just be the BBC and other well-known institutions with some rather unsavoury characters at work.

So, how can we recognise bullying or harassment suffered by others & indeed how can we properly investigate any fresh claims today?

How would this impact on your client/friend/pupil confidentiality and would you/could you report ‘private’ chats & comments?

It certainly appears from media stories & anecdotal evidence that there may be far greater bullying and harassment around than we thought...

Is your company guilty?

Are you perhaps guilty – even unwittingly?


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