12-Sep-2010 17:05

So how do you choose?

There are currently many telephone service providers advertising widely in the press, online & direct mail-shots.

Many appear similar and offer apparently comparable products and services…

So how can you make an informed decision on which one to choose?

This checklist may help you get started.

No matter what people say, on most products & services, price remains an important factor. Make sure you negotiate competitive rates and line rentals charges without any nasty hidden fees, minimum charges & connection fees.

Check the contract conditions carefully. Most companies will tie new or returning clients into 12-48 month contracts, often with heavy exit charges if you decide to leave before expiry of the agreed period. Many companies also trigger automatic renewal causes at end of period. SimplyFone are pretty unique in not tying any clients into any time-related contracts. So if you join SimplyFone and for whatever reason decide to leave, there are no early-exit termination charges or penalties..

Ensure that your telephone company bills all calls per second, instead of rounding up your call to full minutes or worse. SimplyFone bill all calls per second

Ensure too that you are not being charges connection fees – from October 1st 2010 BT are raising their residential connection or ‘set-up’ fee on all charged calls to 10.9p per call. SimplyFone have no connection, set up or minimum call fees.

If you are running a business try to find a company that will offer a ‘designated account manager’. Being able to talk to a sympathetic and efficient manager if any problems may arise, simply allows you to get on with the most important things – like expanding your business! Furthermore, ensure that help is available when you need it 24/7, not just when the provider offers it!

Check their websites for decent & impartial feedback. A positive testimonial is normally proof of a happy client.

Remember that your business telecom needs may change as your business grows. Choose a telecom providers with a portfolio of telecom solutions and services that will help you grow efficiently.

Best of luck & if any help is needed, call us free on 0800 619 2626 or email us at:

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