23-Nov-2012 10:20

Are you a Gambler?

OK, do you gamble? Are you a gambler?

I’m pretty sure most of you will answer, ‘No’!

But actually, if you think about it, almost all of us do gamble – constantly.
We "bet" against ourselves almost every day. We all suffer from an innate fear of failure & most avoid taking on fresh challenges and grabbing the opportunities to accomplish.

When that chance to succeed appears, how many of us tend to crush our self-image and say, “I can’t”, “I won’t” or “How can I”, even when there is the distinct possibility that we really "can" and indeed “we should”.

So, what could be the solution?

Perhaps, in order to succeed in business, socially, in sports & in life, we must feel that we 'can' succeed.
Could it be that our personal defense mechanism of self-denigration cripples us from taking advantage of the opportunities that life constantly presents? It’s not always best to take the easy and non-challenging path.

In truth, most life goals, ideals and business challenges are beyond our reach & it may be fine to say, "I can't" when one of those situations occurs.
However, if “I can’t”, “I won’t” or “How can I” becomes the general & increasingly negative approach, then think again & evaluate your game plan…

…and consider that yes, not everyone can climb to the top of that mountain, but certainly no one should willingly choose to remain routed to the bottom, simply because of the fear of not reaching the summit…


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