13-Dec-2012 14:54

Has Technology Changed Family Life & Routine?

With the increased availability & speed of broadband connections, mobile phone usage & various (addictive) networking websites, has you & your family's early morning routine changed?

I recently heard an excellent speaker call "sleep" - 'network deprivation' & it really got me thinking…

Our habits and routines and indeed family life is constantly changing and evolving...

In the average home these days, after 6 or 7 (or if lucky 8) hours of 'network deprivation' people increasingly awake to immediately dive for their mobiles & computers.

In the not too distant past, morning routine meant that you woke, went to the bathroom, dreamily cleaned your teeth, & read the paper over a coffee and cereal.

However, it seems that many - perhaps most - nowadays first check their emails!

Apparently in Europe the morning hours are amongst the busiest for network usage.

What else has changed?

Parents no longer shout at their kids to get up for school or get down for breakfast, they simply BBM, WhatsApp or Text them…

I have to admit to being guilty of messaging my kids in upstairs bedrooms to get them down for supper or to ask them to turn down the music or………….

Where some families used to fight over the shower or bathroom or loo or first grab at the newspaper - many now argue over first use of the family PC.

Have we become so dominated by technology and mobiles & online networking that we are neglecting familial communication & other early morning & evening tasks?

Has walking the dog in the evening been overtaken by online chatting and Twitter from the safety of our armchairs?

Is it time to redress the balance and 'ban' computers & mobile devices from the breakfast & supper tables?

What do you think guys??

(from a blog:- http://www.ecademy. com/node.php?id=133302 on 17-Aug-09 12:37pm)

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Contributed by Les Potton Chartered FCIPD ACII on 13-Dec-2012 21:45
Sadly yes we have to concede that generations who grow up in the naughties onwards will have a piece of technology within their grasp 24/7 and they will let it interrupt most things. Its addictive (for us dinosaurs too) and our kids know no other way. It may well have physical (huge arthritic thumb syndrome, obesity) and mental health consequences in years to come, but its reality and we will struggle to stem the tide.
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