30-Dec-2012 18:09

Data Loss Worries? Set up Secure Storage Back Up.

Recent independent surveys of 500 UK businesses have shown that almost 2/3rds of UK businesses don’t fully and effectively back up their corporate data.

In fact the survey shows that many businesses only use desktop storage, portable USB sticks and CD media (which are easy to lose or suffer damage) to backup their important data.

Almost all the companies understood the damaging - possibly destructive - effects lost data could have on their businesses, but nevertheless, many are backing up critical business data only to external hard-drives, which are designed for consumer desktop storage.

Just 10% of SMEs confirmed that they used networked storage devices providing robust storage with inbuilt redundancy and scalability; meaning that if their backup failed, data could be restored to a specific point in time.

For a relatively small annual cost, speak to an IT expert, set up stable networked storage & sleep easy in the knowledge that even if business remains tight in 2013, at least you won’t lose data that could threaten your entire business…

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