14-Sep-2010 17:31

Should Gamu and family be deported or…?

Apparently the charming & bookies favourite X-Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu & family are living in Scotland using an invalid and out-of-date UK work permit visa.

She may be deported shortly unless permission or an extension to stay is granted at a hearing this Thursday.

The question remains: should she be permitted to stay simply because she has a wonderful voice and is a favourite to win a TV show?

There may be pretty valid points of view that if she is permitted to remain here, why not extend her example and decision to every illegal immigrant?

Most could certainly bring reasons why they should also…..

The law of the land does (even in some seemingly sad cases) remain the law of the land & may not be abused.

Unless of course someone's return to their country of origin would make them subject to hardship, victimisation, murder, torture plus any number of problems, would somewhat more facile reasons like X-Factor etc… be considered mitigating circumstances & should they be offered dispensation.

We all, naturally, have enormous sympathy for all living under harsh regimes, surviving in troubled countries & difficult situations and economic hardship - but is this sufficient to allow dispensation?

What are your thoughts - both emotional & practical?

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