02-Jan-2013 16:49

Beat BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media price rises…

Millions of BT and TalkTalk customers will be hit by price hikes this month.

However the 'Good News' is:
SimplyFone’s line rentals remain at £9.79p +vat p/month for new residential clients & £10.20p +vat p/month for new business clients…

Oh, and SimplyFone have no time-related contracts - ever… allowing all clients full freedom of action, whenever they wish.

BT is increasing line rental & call prices for the fourth time in 26 months from this Saturday by 6%.

TalkTalk customers saw their line rental charge jump 45p p/month; from £14.50 p/month to £14.95/month on 1 January 2013

Sky increased prices by 18% in December 2012; from £12.25 p/month to £14.50 p/month.

Virgin Media customers will also see their line rental increase from £13.90/month to £14.99/month, from 1 February 2013.

…and remember if you're in a time-related contract you may have to pay an exit penalty to switch.

BT price increases include:
• Line rental rising to £15.45 p/month -- SimplyFone cost: £11.75
• Call connection fee (per call 13.87p for all chargeable calls -- SimplyFone cost: 1.1p
• Daytime calls now 8.41p p/min -- SimplyFone are 1.8p

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