01-May-2013 12:38

Are you using (free) SimplyFone Fax2Email services?

Sending & receiving faxes may still a useful mode of communication for many businesses… Some documents cannot be transferred or diverted quickly and efficiently by other means.

However, you no longer require bulky, space-hungry and expensive fax machines. SimplyFone have for some time been offering a service to anyone - you do not even need to be a client of ours - to help keep your business efficient, productive and environmentally friendly with the help of a smart fax2email service.

The main advantage is that you can throw away your fax machine & avoid related expenses but still receive your faxes via a fax number - and directly to your nominated email address.

How does this work?
The sender dials your fax number and sends a fax as normal. However, instead of receiving a ‘piece of paper’, you receive the fax as an email attachment which can be easily retrieved or saved or forwarded.

Fax2email doesn’t require installation of any extra hardware or software.

SimplyFone offer (free) fax2email for non geographic numbers such as 0800; 0844, 0870 & 09xx numbers

You can read about it on our website

Go on… try it out today!

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