20-Sep-2010 11:33

A cheek or what!

The common definition of chutzpah is 'audacity' or 'a damn cheek!'

In elucidation, an old Leo Rosten (Joys of Yiddish) joke about Chutzpa goes:

A Jewish grandmother is sitting on the beach with her beloved grandson when a freak wave sweeps him out to sea, where he is instantly devoured by the ocean.
The distraught woman sinks to her knees, wailing, pleading with God to spare the child's life.
Suddenly, there is a celestial thunderclap and her prayers are answered.
Another wave gathers the boy up from the depths and delivers him safely, miraculously, beside the old lady, at which she turns her eyes heavenwards, and says; "Hey, his cap's missing."

Well, I had my own dose of Chutzpa this morning.

Amongst the pretty large pile of post we received over the weekend was a note from our local sorting office saying that the postie couldn't deliver a letter because there was insufficient postage…

So, first thing this morning, one of my chaps trundled off to the local depot.

Being unable to find a parking slot nearby for the two minute dash inside he had to feed a local meter. Sadly he had no change, so had to stick in a £1 coin!

Inside the sorting office he passed the 'insufficient postage card' over the counter and was presented with a large official-looking manila envelope, with very little markings other than a marked absence of any stamps/franks, and was unceremoniously informed that to reclaim this impressive & chunky manila envelope would cost £4.51 - made up of £3.51 postage + £1.00 'handling charge'.

My innocent employee triumphantly returned to my desk with his expensive £5.51 trophy & with some trepidation and not a little tension we tore open the envelope…

What was in it I hear you cry?

Was it perchance a gift?
Was it a client's bribe?
Was it, Heaven forefend, a tax demand?
Was it the surprise announcement of an unknown relative's death & a large inheritance?
Was it a free lifetime-membership of Ecademy?

Nope - it was a bl*****dy Charity letter with attached glossy literature requesting Norman & company donate their hard earned dosh to their really, really worthy cause!

Now if that ain't 'Chutzpah', pray tell me, what is!!

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Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 20-Sep-2010 19:33
Yep - he was under instructions (as we knew the cost to reclaim in advance - on the BT 'card') to only accept if deemed important.

A bulky manila is normally important..

Oh well - their loss, as we do normally send 'em a few quid...
Contributed by Richard Philip Parsons on 20-Sep-2010 19:32
Imagine if your man had managed to get his vehicle clamped...........

Did you think about calling the sorting office and asking what the letter looked like before sending somebody to pick it up for you??

Kind Regards

Contributed by Laurence Lowne on 20-Sep-2010 19:32
So do I hand over my hard earned, or should I just rely on you to tell me all about the contents?

Me suspects the JC has been selling our addresses, so much for a Kol Nidre appeal?

Contributed by Jon Upton on 20-Sep-2010 19:31
Pop it in the post marked return to sender give them a taste of their own medicine!

regards - Jon
Contributed by Keith Whitney on 20-Sep-2010 19:30
Hope the rest of the week improves..
Contributed by LaRae Wilkins on 20-Sep-2010 19:30
Chutzpah has long been one of my favourite words.
It is also a characteristic in people that I find terribly appealing, if truth be told!

Thanks for that.
Contributed by Denis Doyle on 20-Sep-2010 11:36
Liked that

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