04-Jul-2013 10:07

OK, be honest now...

OK, be honest now...

What would happen to your work, your business & your livelihood (& social life) if the internet was turned off for a week?

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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 05-Jul-2013 09:25
Well done Amanda.. Subliminal (in yer face) advertising :)
Contributed by Amanda Hamilton - Yoga Teacher & Artist on 05-Jul-2013 09:24
My students would still come, my paintings would still get painted, and I'd have a couple more hours in the day. The only bit that could suffer is overseas friends and telling people about www. amanda-Hamilton. com/CLC my lovely Spanish house to rent ... So in case it happens, I've just made a per-emotive strike!!
Happy weekend Norman xx
Contributed by Simon Jones - Owner at ZakoMedia on 04-Jul-2013 23:56
I don't count.... I wouldn't have a business at all!
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 04-Jul-2013 23:56

Contributed by Zevi Feiner on 04-Jul-2013 23:55
We would be fine because we have simplyfone!
Contributed by Joseph Heller on 04-Jul-2013 23:55
work, business, livelihood & social life (what social life?) would be greatly hindered, but the family would gain a father (who is not constantly posting on FB).
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