03-Sep-2013 10:58

Telecom Tip of the Day for Business and Home Users...

Telecom Tip of the Day for Business and Home Users:

When a client, or a supplier, or a customer service representative puts you ‘on hold’, remember, they can hear everything you're saying… and that means ‘everything!’

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Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 03-Sep-2013 11:25
One of our Support Staff gleaned rather helpful 'insider info' relating to a competitor, whilst inadvertently listening to a client 'on hold'.

Contributed by Adrian Higgs - Director at Adrian Higgs Copywritin on 03-Sep-2013 11:23
Is this the voice of recent personal experience speaking?
Contributed by Jacqui Malpass - Book Coach, Writer, Author at Jac on 03-Sep-2013 10:59
That reminds me of a time I was driving home and the 'partner' rang to tell me his *bleep* brother would be with us once again. I thought I had pressed the end call button before I swore and said evil things...
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