09-Sep-2013 11:40

Pick up the Phone & Make that Call…

Pick up the Phone & Make that Call…

Is it a generational issue?
Many over 40’s still do use the office desk phone – yep, I know, it sounds remarkable to some – as the optimum method to call & remain in contact with valued clients or engender sales…

Furthermore, and perhaps an education issue, but they retain the ability to phone and hold conversation with clients, suppliers, providers, offices and senior staff without feeling intimidated.

Whereas it appears that younger workers, and sales staff, and administration teams tend to shy away from making phone calls & hide behind emails and social media.

Are you one of those who will happily & preferably send an email (naturally cc’d & bcc’d to 23 other people too to cover your back & inadvertently create a large and unnecessary paper trail) to a client, instead of simply picking up that old ‘dog & bone’ and calling them directly?

Just consider, if the humble telephone had been invented as an App ‘after’ the launch of email & SM services, how many of us would ooh & aah at this wondrous new business tool, praise its efficacy, and flock to use the novel and direct means of communication.

Makes one think – no?

But not for long I hope.
Use it, enjoy it, benefit, pick up your phone and make that call….

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Contributed by Lynn Tulip - Career Management at Assessment 4 Pot on 09-Sep-2013 14:56
Great blog Norman
Contributed by Shelley Fishel, Founder at The IT Training Surgery on 09-Sep-2013 14:55
Why thank you for the compliment - have to admit to being a decade older than that though!!
Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 09-Sep-2013 14:55
Yep Shelley, 'Its Good To Talk' was a Bob Hoskins adv from the mid 90’s; so I guess you’d fit in as an over 40’s I mentioned & congnisant of the power of the telephone…
Contributed by Shelley Fishel, Founder at The IT Training Surgery on 09-Sep-2013 14:54
Hi, great point. Here is one of my blogs on a similar subject - how we use email and text so much we avoid talking to people and to coin a phrase "it's good to talk"
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