24-Oct-2013 09:55

About time too! The end of mid-contract price rises?

At long last Ofcom is acting to support UK mobile users - yes, that means you and me - angered that mobile phone or broadband providers were permitted to raise prices in mid-contract.

Under new rules, all clients locked into long-term mobile deals, & until now at the mercy of their network provider raising prices mid-term for the flimsiest of reasons including paper billing & International calls, will be given an option to break their contracts.

Any changes will affect not only contracts for mobile phones but also for broadband and landline services.

This will bring more companies in line with us SimplyFone, who are amongst the very few UK telecom providers that have no time-related contracts for customers – ever, allowing all of our clients the freedom to move at any given time without notice and without incurring any penalties…

Ofcom will recommend that clients should be given at least 30 days warning of any price increases or amendments, giving consumers a fair opportunity to switch to another provider.
All networks will also be barred from levying any charges to curtail or cease their contracts.

Ofcom also say – fairly we believe – that reducing a contract’s call or data allowances would represent a price increase too.

SimplyFone Ltd currently provide telecoms solutions to 1000's of home & office users and are a UK leader in the provision of low-cost international call services from mobiles and landlines with 100,000's of regular users.

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Contributed by Steve Hall on 24-Oct-2013 12:49
Listening to a discussion on Spanish TV last week about the "Phone A Year" Contract whereby you were given a SNT (Shiny New Thing) each and every year in return for staying loyal to your supplier. Seems an interesting enough offer ......without seeing the small print.

The ONLY time there could be ANY price rise would be at the 12 month end of contract.
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