18-Mar-2014 09:19

Three Mobile ends unlimited tethering, but allows free 0800 calls

Three mobile is no longer to offer unlimited tethering on new 3G and 4G all-you-can-eat data plans.

But perhaps in an effort to make up for the company will allow 0800 to be free!

New contracts to be introduced today include data allowances from 500MB up to all-you-can-eat, with 50 mins or up to all-you-can-eat minutes, and unlimited texts.
Tethering on 500MB, 1GB and 2GB plans can account for 100 percent of the data used, but on the all-you-can-eat plans tethering is now to be capped at 2GB. Additional tethering allowance is to be sold at an additional cost.

This may be big news for customers hoping to sign up to one of Three's all-you-can-eat contracts, which up to now permitted as much 3G and 4G downloading as a user wanted -- from multiple connected (tethered) devices, such as laptops and tablets, if they wished.

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