18-Mar-2014 11:32

Is your VoIP telephone service disappointing?

Many people purchase new VOIP telephone systems & find, to their dismay, that it doesn’t work properly.

VoIP telephone systems & VoIP services generally are not at fault; the technology itself is excellent and is normally carrier-grade in terms of reliability.

Unfortunately however, many companies and residential users do not enjoy sufficient Internet capacity and access to support these systems, & thus phone call quality may suffer...

Some ill-advised companies route several phones over a single broadband service, and to exacerbate their woes, they may be use the same broadband connection both for calls & data traffic, like web browsing and email.

Typical complaints received include phone-calls cutting out, one-way speech and horrid line-echo.

If your company is experiencing VoIP problems, and you would enjoy free, experienced and independent advice - please contact us on 020 3191 9988 or email us on

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