27-Mar-2014 10:43

Stay Focused...

When a company decides to invest in new technology it is easy to lose sight of the business case for implementation - with expensive consequences.

Recent surveys show that less than 20% of new projects hit expected targets.

Our experience in the telecoms market provides plenty of examples of this kind of problem.

An example is the Life Insurance Company that wanted to increase sales. It initiated a project to provide its salespeople with VoIP phones & a hosted solution to enable easier access to Head Office and faster quotes.

The salespeople enjoyed the new technology and the substantial savings in time.

However, there was no significant increase in sales…

This is a classic example of a single-minded focus on goal - introduce new technology and tailored software - rather than the business benefits of a project - improving productivity.

So remember, by all means employ & implement new technologies but don’t lose sight of the main purpose…

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