23-Jul-2014 14:34

Your new telephone contracts should include:

Most telecom providers’ contracts include complex service agreements.

Be forewarned and forearmed or else you may pay dearly…

Although every service or business is unique, there may be basic scenarios to remember including some of the following:

1. Contract length and time-related contracts:

SimplyFone have NO time-related contracts allowing all our client total freedom of choice – at all times. Most UK providers however tie you into a minimum 12 months contract, at the very least.

2. Free monthly itemised billing:

SimplyFone provide free, monthly itemised billing by email or buy post.. Many UK providers charge a monthly fee for paper-billing or itemised billing.

3. Low-Cost line features:

SimplyFone provide Call-Features like Call Barring, Caller Display, and Call Divert at just £1.10 +vat per month. Ensure you are not being charged far higher.

4. Call Monitoring & fraud service:

SimplyFone use and employ sophisticated software and vigilant technicians 24hours to ensure your outgoing call usages are honest and business telephone systems are not being hacked.

If you would like us to check where and whether your company or organisation may be needlessly wasting cash on fixed line telecommunications, contact us on 020 3191 9988 or email: today.

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