08-Oct-2014 09:29

By-election in Clacton

By-election tomorrow in Clacton & the parties appear a little panicked…

My take is that one shouldn’t underestimate general populist sentiment, but Clacton (& several other beach towns around the Kent coast too where Der Fuehrer Farage himself will seek election) is one of the most UKIP-oriented areas in the UK.

Horribly deprived areas, very little employment, locals slumming it in caravan-type homes and dilapidated houses that were originally built as sort of beach huts.

Add in to this mix, poorly-educated folk, a perception (unsure if true…) of foreign benefit migrants descending upon their area, anger and resentment with UK politicians, the wealthy and anyone ‘slightly different’, & you have a recipe for a UKIPian paradise…

They’ll win this seat, plus a few more in similar areas, but will not make headway, create waves, or cause panic come the General Election…

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