20-Jan-2015 11:19

#BT have increased #telephone charges.. (again)

As of 3rd January 2015 all BT clients are now charged for its previously-free 1571 (1571 service answers calls when you're away from the phone or on another call) answer-call service, and Caller Display services (Privacy with Caller Display allows you to view incoming call numbers) at £1.75 per month each.

NOTE: SimplyFone still charge £1.32 per month (incl. vat) for all BT Features…

Alongside charging for 1571 and Caller Display, the telecoms giant is hiking some of its other charges. Key changes include:

Line rental: This is up to £15.99p from £15.45 per month.
NOTE: SimplyFone still charge Line rentals at £11.74 per month (incl. vat)

Daytime calls to UK landline numbers: Up from 8.41p p/min to 8.95p p/min.
NOTE: SimplyFone charge 1.87p (incl. vat)

…and where charged/if charged, SimplyFone connection charges are onlyt 1.6p :)

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