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Business Broadband? ‘Cheap’ May Prove ‘Dear’…

Business Broadband? ‘Cheap’ May Prove ‘Dear’…

Are you considering upgrading your business broadband?
What do you consider the most important consideration for your new broadband connection?
Be honest now… Is it ‘cost’, and do you expect to pay the low prices offered for home use broadband?

Increasingly businesses run VoIP and cloud based applications and therefore your choice of broadband connection & broadband provider is essential.
Any nasty glitch in the service may have an enormous knock-on effect on company productivity and possibly customer relationships.

Ask any business owner what happens if & when the Internet connection crashes, when the VoIP phones fail… and when staff can’t access and watch their reaction; the impact could be devastating.

A stable, quality broadband connection is a critical aspect of the business. So why indeed are so many business owners & decision makers applying home-user ideas to business-critical communications?

Home users are bombarded with bundled package offers including voice, line rentals, TV & mobile and the broadband is often included almost as a loss leader as part of that package.

This bundled approach is increasingly being adopted in the business marketplace too. Providers are bundling voice services with Internet connection. Indeed SIP trunks are being marketed as a free add-on to the Internet connection and some providers are increasingly subsidising broadband connections to sell higher value cloud and voice services.
Speed is another consideration that many organisations tend to overlook - not all broadband services are the same.

While the concept of the rural broadband division is now widely recognised, the reality is that two close areas in the same town can experience rather different broadband experiences. As an example, one street in Milton Keynes boasts superfast broadband on one side, and a poor 1Mb on the other. Relocate your business, without thought, on the wrong side of the street and plans to use VoIP or Cloud applications, or any broadband-based services may be seriously affected.

So, be aware, in 2015 a resilient broadband service will not cost your business a fortune, but it will certainly cost more than a domestic broadband connection. Invest in an enterprise level service that is designed to support VoIP and cloud-based services that now underpin agile UK businesses.

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