22-Jul-2010 11:38

BT hikes call charges...

BT has announced a 10 % rise in daytime call rates.

From the beginning of October the cost of connecting a call via BT will rise from 9.9p to 10.9p with charges for each subsequent minute rising from 5.9p to 6.4p!

At the same time residential line rental will be increased by 50p per month to £13.29 per month (£12.04 if clients are on email billing)

Now compare BT's charges to our SimplyFone rates…:-

SimplyFone have NO connection fees, NO set up charges, NO minimum call charges and all call rates are quoted per minute but are billed per second..

For most residential and business clients our UK landline call charges are just 1.29p rising to 1.8p +vat at peak times – anywhere in the UK!

Furthermore, with no ‘call-connection fees’ fees, all call charges are totally transparent…

…we have no time-related contracts and supply FREE monthly itemised bills by email or by post…

…& if that didn’t get you excited our residential line rentals are just £9.79p +vat!

Contact us today for details on Freephone 0800 619 2626 or complete an Online Application Form…

It’s a no-brainer guys!

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Contributed by R.G. on 25-Jul-2010 21:38
BT ssem to think that they can ride out recession & increased competition by raising rates.
How strange!
Contributed by SimplyFone Management on 23-Jul-2010 09:15
We understand your frustration Harish - shared by many.

We have no plans to increase line rentals or call tariffs.

When you are finally out of contract, please contact us for an independant quotation.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on our Blog
Contributed by Harish on 23-Jul-2010 09:09
Problem is that others (I'm on TalkTalk & trying to leave but in a contract) just follow straight away and raise prices also. Hope you guys dont?
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