29-Nov-2016 13:59

Ofcom orders BT to legally split from Openreach

My thoughts on a possible Openreach split & the resulting consequences - whether advantageous or otherwise - are of little consequence to the industry decision makers; however, what I can judge and comment upon, as both a wholesale and retail client, is that over the past year or so, the quality of service, the ineptitude, the inability to offer value for money, and the non-caring attitude of Openreach staff – whether engineers or office staff or online portal operators, has sunk to new lows…

Rarely have I experienced a company to be so devoid of initiative, so poor in application and so lacking in basic etiquette & rectitude.

Whether Openreach are forced to become a distinct company or permitted to remain within the BT family, what is certain is they must improve dramatically in all areas…and swiftly.

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