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Are you considering #Hosted #VoIP #telecom #services

Are you considering #VoIP?
Possible indicators to migrate your business telecoms to VoIP technology

You may have heard that traditional ISDN services are slowly being phased out in favour of new technology.

Whilst the idea of making a transfer from landline to VoIP may appear daunting you may want to consider the following options:

1. Have you experienced hardware or software equipment failure?

Hosted VoIP technology may provide a benefits if you experience technology failure.
Using VoIP, phone settings, features, and call recording are secure. If you experience any failure, phones may be diverted to an alternate number; mobile, or home lines or a temporary location to suit your needs.
Do you need to employ more staff or relocate employees? No problem, just unplug your VoIP phone handsets and re-plug into another location with internet access.

2. Could you reduce costs?

Landline systems may have additional costs including expensive line rental charges, extra equipment, software & hardware installation costs and ongoing system maintenance fees.
Our Simply-Fone Hosted VoIP systems remove all these costs by transferring your business telecoms to the cloud and accordingly, you pay a reduced monthly fee.
Other advantages include possible increased employee productivity due to VoIP system flexibility. Our hosted services enables you to work from a variety of locations by having calls diverted to a mobile, home phone, or by allowing you and staff to take VoIP handsets with you around the world. You won’t miss important calls and any voicemails left can be diverted as voice files to your chosen email addresses too…

3. Are you out of contract or about to renew…?

Are you about to renew your current provider’s service contract? Remember, VoIP can not only save you time and money, but can also mean less work, better security and more features.
With traditional phone systems and services, you may require regular phone system maintenance contracts and charges. Our SimplyFone Hosted VoIP service removes need and cost as our 24 hours UK-based in-house Support Team looks after all this…& more, free of charge.

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