04-Jan-2018 15:12

The difference between COMPLIANT & (and a resulting) COMPLAINT...

(From an idea and comment on another post)

COMPLIANCE is relevant not only to my business - telecoms field but to all sales-related and service industries.

Ensure you always follow all the rules and regulations and the specific industry codes, and be fully compliant to cover your backs… just in case.

I just had quite a nifty idea (having thought about this during a boring client-conversation 5 minutes ago….).

The difference between COMPLIANT & (and a resulting) COMPLAINT, is simply the order of two specific letters ‘I’ & ‘A’

Moral: Think of ‘yourself and your company and your position’ (the ‘I’) before closing any deal and be fully compliant putting the ‘I’ first, to ensure that your complIant sale/work/agreement will not suddenly bite you on yer bum and turn into an unneeded and unwanted complAint…

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