04-Apr-2018 14:08

Best 16p’s value advertising – ever!

Best 16p’s value advertising – ever!

A decent sized client - a London property company - today contacted us stating that they’re rather upset at us (strongly implying our inefficiency) because an 0845xx ending x111 was requested ceased in May 2016 but they’ve just received our March 2018 invoice for 16p including vat for usages pertaining to this 0845… & requesting we cease this number immediately & cancel the invoice/credit them 16p!

My techies at our Ops Team checked our records & found that we had indeed email-confirmed to the client in May 2016 that we had cancelled/ceased this number…

Further checks showed that we HAD indeed ceased 'this number' as requested, almost 2 years ago, but the client had also been using another 0845xx ending x112 which had triggered 16p incl. vat usages for diverted calls to their offices.

Called client and confirmed that I’d cancelled the 16p invoice & ceased the other 0845

Also pointed out that the ‘offending’ 0845 ending x112 had NEVER been requested ceased…

Runny egg on client’s face and resounding red-faced apologies…

RESULT: client has since mentioned our Customer Service efficiency on Social Media sites; resulting in new-client enquiries received…

16p credit well spent!

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