02-Nov-2010 18:12

Google Voice Is Having Serious Trouble...

Google Voice Is Having Serious Trouble Making Outbound Calls. This Is Bad.

Now you know why it’s so important to use a reliable company like SimplyFone.

If you want to be a phone company you can’t go dead. Ever.
People rely on their mobile phones for everything these days, so when calls aren’t going through it’s a really big deal.
And as far as we can tell, Google Voice is currently having some serious issues.

From this morning many users simply can’t place calls..

Dial a number; hear the familiar rings as you wait for your contact to answer, and… nothing.

The phone just keeps ringing forever — it never even gets to the recipient’s voicemail.

The worst part of this is that most people probably don’t even realize that anything’s wrong, because when you initiate a call it sounds like everything is working fine because you still hear those familiar rings.

Google is looking into the problem, and while it doesn’t seem to be affecting all users, there are clearly a significant number of people having this problem.

Yep - SimplyFone is the one to use ;-)

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Contributed by Miami Appliance repair on 02-Nov-2010 23:07

IMO, There are in the same quantity
Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 02-Nov-2010 23:06

I've heard similar things, is it wrong ? no idea, but I can see why positive discrimination could be used more where, race, looks, size and integration between rich and poor groups of people, might address the imbalance = increased tolerance.

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Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 02-Nov-2010 22:10
Oh c'mon Jean...

Be a devil - please comment!
Contributed by Jean Flower on 02-Nov-2010 22:10
feel a debate - not commenting
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