25-Jul-2010 12:06

Do you own a personal or office digital copier?

Do you own & use a personal or office digital copier?

Many offices & homes have digital copy machines..

However, advanced technology has opened a dangerous hole in data security.

Be very careful how you dispose of your digital information and your copiers

This is actually rather worrying sad

Read on & be as surprised as I was >>>>>

Link is here...:;contentBody

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Contributed by George P. on 25-Jul-2010 21:36
Yes worrying.

Also a timely reminder not to dispose of computer hard-drives without taking care to destroy data.
Contributed by Eric Burton on 25-Jul-2010 15:43
Eek! Not good news!

Lotsa companies routinely take copies of records, CVs, private data and other records whenever they take on new employees....

An eye-opener ;-(

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