03-Dec-2010 11:32

Home users call an average 176 minutes per month

New research from the regulatory body Ofcom reveals that UK residential phone users make an average of 176 minutes outgoing calls monthly…

The Communications Market usages report - which included Germany, France and the US – showed the UK had 'one of the highest figures for the countries tested'.

Ofcom suggested this was in part because of the 'prevalence of low-priced fixed-voice services'.
Almost 80% of households also used mobiles to make calls but only 13% had given up a landline phone & it replaced with a mobile phone.

Norman Feiner, Managing Director at, added, 'in 2010/2011 there are now many ways to reduce your home & business phone bills - especially if you make a lot of International calls from your landline.'
'Take a look at the calls you generally make and check whether you could save money on an inclusive-package or by dialing 08xx access numbers for International calls..'

Mr. Feiner added; 'Check too that you are not paying over the odds for your line rentals & plans'.

He suggested sending a copy of recent itemised bills to SimplyFone for a free-no commitment analysis of calls and rentals.
Norman Feiner added too, '& if you are still using BT for business or home lines, SimplyFone will guarantee to reduce your bill!'

Full details on SimplyFone low-cost telecom services can be found at:

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