04-Dec-2010 18:51

Are your conversations volatile?

A Texas man has reported he had to have four stitches in his ear after a brand new Droid 2 smartphone exploded in mid conversation.

Aron Embry said he heard a ‘popping noise’ but didn't think much of it until he realised he had sustained minor injuries.

“I felt something dripping & I realized that it was probably blood. I went into the house, and as I got into the bathroom and once I got to the mirror and saw it, it was only then I looked at my phone and noticed the screen had appeared to have burst outward.”

Embry, who doesn't have health insurance, said he plans to hire a lawyer!

A spokeswoman for Droid manufacturer Motorola said the company is investigating the claim.

It's just the latest claim of a must-have electronic device turning against its owner.
Last year, a 15-year-old boy filed a $250,000 lawsuit after claiming his iPod Touch exploded and torched his trousers.

MacBooks and laptops from a variety of other manufacturers have also suffered similar claims, most often, it is said, as a result of faulty batteries.

Perhaps the nastiest is the 2002 tale of a scientist who 'burned his penis' after placing his notebook on his lap for over an hour!

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