20-Dec-2010 23:55

Calls to 0800 numbers ARE free from a UK mobile...

...but calls to 0800 Numbers are already Free from UK mobiles

A recent report from Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator, says that Freephone numbers should be free from all UK mobiles as they are indeed from landlines.

Call charges to Freephone numbers such as 0800 and 0808 are normally paid for by the company owning the number, rather than the person calling the number.

This is rarely the case when calling from a UK mobile phone.

However, by using SimplyFone’s mobile Override service, calls to any number from a registered mobile phone are charged at exactly the same rate as calls from landlines…

Simply register your mobiles with us and by dialling an 020 8xxx number (included as a free call in any inclusive landline-call package) you can make ‘free’ calls to any 0800 number…

Details here:

Simple, eh!

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Contributed by Demos Flouri on 21-Dec-2010 17:34
Spam blog Spam blog...!
I am reporting you unless you send me one bottle of 20+ Year The Glenlivit.

LOL smile

Thanks for info Norman.

Warm Regards

Demos Flouri

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Contributed by Paul Clark on 21-Dec-2010 17:33
... to innovation in the Telecoms market.

Rip-off hotel phone fees created the business case for early adoption of mobile phones, and now they're doing the same for mobile broadband.

Slow learners, I guess!
Paul Clark
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Contributed by Steve Hall on 21-Dec-2010 17:33

Norman, you are spot on re internet charges they varied from zero (respect!) to 24 gbp per 24 hours!

When I did my cycle ride this summer, there was not a lot of rhymn nor reason on who charged most or least (expensive hotel or hostel, chain or individual hotel) but it was more of an intellectual exercise than anything as I had a dongle BUT BUT BUT I wonder if these guys know how much harm they are doing to their reputation by charging so much? Yes, they may pocket the 24 pounds today but if I never stay at a xxxxxx chain hotel again how many thousands would they lose?

(This sent incidentally from a hotel in Málaga who charge zero. Respect!)
Contributed by Cornelis de Maijer on 21-Dec-2010 17:32
That's a good money saver Norman.

Back to Wooden Shoes and #HCNWG

Cornelis de Maijer
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 21-Dec-2010 17:32
Will relate to Eli that he was mentioned in dispatches wink

@Without being too graphic I ask if she felt charge me for going to the loo x times whilst I had been there " ....for access to the sewage system?" .... thought about charging for me having a bath " .....for access to water" or the air conditioning etc
What are the odds that since your visit that has been company policy!

Increased competition has ensured that things have changed a little but at that time telephone calls from hotel rooms & payphones were an enormous source of revenue (profit) for hotels countrywide (and indeed around the world)

With the advent of mobile comms and VoiP services options have been widened but now of course hotel visitors are increasingly being 'ripped-off' by rather heavy hotel internet access charges....

An excellent option for overseass travellers is Travel SIM cards with free or low roaming charges. Thankfully, heavy hotel-call-rates mean we sell lots of SIM cards overseas for travellers into the UK too....

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
Contributed by Steve Hall on 21-Dec-2010 17:30
You remind me of a "fun" conversation with the GM at the Midland Hotel in Manchester in 1997/1998. I had done a Sunday daytime meeting there and was next on stage on Monday evening. Should I drive back to Herts or should I stay? I decided to stay to catch up on a pile of telephone calls (Pre twitter, email, FB etc) and happily dialled away using a 0800 access number from the in room hotel knowing I'd be paying just a few pence per minute using a LCR service (Thanks, Mr Katz!)

When I checked out on the Tuesday I was presented with a telecom bill of 80 pounds for telecom calls. I knew I had made no calls direct from the hotel. Charming receptionist dutifully printed out a list of 80+ calls all charged at 1.00 GBP. Yes, the hotel had put a surcharge on for all calls to freephone numbers. There was NO sign, leaflet etc explaining that (I even went back to the room to get the Guest Services Guide) but she said she could not budge and I had to pay. They were not charging for the call but for the access to the system she explained. Without being too graphic I ask if she felt that she had the right to charge me for going to the loo x times whilst I had been there " ....for access to the sewage system?" Had they thought about charging for me having a bath " .....for access to water" or the air conditioning etc etc

She remained polite but persistent and willingly called the Duty Manager who re-quoted the party line. OK, by now I was getting bored and asked to speak to the General Manager. He came and trotted out the same story. At this stage, my ex could see that I had the bit between the teeth and added that we would NOT be checking out until we had spoken to the Head Office. GM said there was absolutely nothing he or they would do. It was corporate policy and neither he nor any one person at H.O. could/would budge. Sadly, I knew they had my credit card details and COULD simply charge me so it was time for Plan B.

1) One call to my own head office from my mobile in front of the GM proved that we had three other conferences booked at their group hotels in the next few weeks. I told the girl to cancel them.

2) I asked for the police to be called as I considered they had commited a crime and were trying to charge me for a service that they had not offered. Now, if there is one thing that hotels do not want it is police in their lobby. At this stage, GM whisked us into his office and almost begged me to pay with offers of freebies for my journey or even a free weekend at the hotel. He opened up a bit and said that this charge was causing huge problems to the group and that there absolutely ought to have been warnings in the room. He explained that H.O. were insistent and that it was more than his job was worth etc etc

3) By now, I had lost an hour and I told him that we had now cancelled three conferences and that his group would be completely blacklisted by my parent company. That was potentially tens of thousands of pounds per year. Did he really want to prejudice this for a petty figure of less than one hundred pounds. I saw no point in backing off. Then something very strange happened. He offered to refund the money IN CASH on the spot if I paid the bill.

It seemed to me that I could not really refuse and there was no point in being a rebel without a cause so I accepted 80 odd pounds in cash and duly paid my account with the call charges added.

I never really worked this one through but I can say that I have not stayed at the Midland since. I wonder whether they do still charge!

Kind Regards

Steve Hall

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