21-Dec-2010 12:30

Calling family abroad over the holiday period?

Research shows that almost 30% of us plan to make calls to family and friends overseas in the run up to the holiday season and New Year.

Over a quarter will call directly from their home landline phone.. Dialing directly from BT or Virgin Media or TalkTalk may prove very expensive if you have no International call-plan set up.

And for the 8% or so who call directly from their mobiles they may be in for quite a shock when they receive their itemised bills in January 2011.

So how can you take advantage of low cost international call options & reduce your bill?

By planning ahead everyone can make significant savings on their phone bills.

SimplyFone's tips to cutting the cost of overseas calls:

1. Inclusive international calls - SimplyFone has an inclusive UK & International call-plan that costing just £14.80p +vat per month supporting 2000 'free' minutes to 25+ International destinations & also 2000 free minutes to any UK landline too. (60-minute rule does not apply)

2. Register your mobile with SimplyFone Mobile Override services allowing you - by dialing an 0208xxx access number to make International (& 08xx) calls at exactly the same rate as from your landline.

3. Use prefix dialing codes - SimplyDial allows you to make very low-cost International calls from any landline by dialing a prefix number before your call. This is a simple & hassle-free way of making international calls cheaply & without registration.

4. Take a look at SimplyText2Talk or CheapestChat - services that use high quality Tier-1 quality service for International calls directly from your registered mobile from less than 1p (and very low-cost text-SMS services too)

5. And before you make the call - check the rate!

Call or email us for any advice & follow above rules for a stress-free holiday period.

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Contributed by BIll Johnson on 22-Dec-2010 16:42
This is a really useful article.
There are also great services that offer smartphone apps to make cheap calls abroad, so if you've got an iPhone or Android, you can download an app such as FooCall to make cheap international phone calls.
You can also make webphone calls, or makes cheap calls via your landline. I think what FooCall basically does is assign a local number to your international calls, so you are making the call at a local rate. For instance, calling the US costs about 1p a minute. Well worth a look.
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