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0800 Numbers - The Facts

When choosing a 0800 Freephone number it is important to know exactly what is involved, what they can offer and how this may benefit your business.

Below are the basic questions we receive online or to our offices regarding 0800’s..

Q) Can a Freephone 0800 number increase the number of sales enquiries I receive?

A) Almost certainly. Calls to a 0800 Freephone from any UK landline is free. What greater incentive can you offer to gain an edge over your competitors & stimulate increased enquiries about your service & products..


Q) How much do 0800 Freephone numbers cost?

A) Most companies charge for the supply of 0800 numbers.

We do NOT charge anything for supplying 0800s..
SimplyFone 0800’s (and all NGN numbers) are supplied for free!
Costs to you are just 5.5p per minute when a call is received on your 0800 Freephone number.

Be careful out there - please don’t get ripped off.

Q) How do 0800 Freephone numbers work?

A) Your SimplyFone 0800 number will be diverted towards any number - a landline number, any mobile or an International number. You can amend the ‘divert’ at anytime.

Q) Can my 0800 number be called from anywhere in the UK?

Yes, your 0800 number can be called form anywhere in the UK but be aware that calls to 0800’s from mobiles may be charged by mobile providers.

Q) How quickly can my new 0800 Freepone number be connected?

Your supplied 0800 number will normally be connected & activated within 1 working hour.

Q) Are they reliable?

A) Yep, calls are routed instantly and seamlessly.

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