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'Cloud Computing' v 'On-Premise Solutions...

Thoughts on 'Cloud Computing' v 'On-Premise Solutions'

There may be benefits for increasing usage of cloud computing; however there are important factors to take into consideration before any decision is made…

May I suggest some of the following advantages and disadvantages, the pros and cons of deciding whether to move to ‘Cloud Computing’ or continue with ‘On-Premise Solutions’

The most obvious considerations of Cloud Computing & alternative solutions remain initial cost & investment, continuing cost, security, IT personnel & organisation, and any advantages following specific conversions and modifications.

Possible cloud computing advantages:

1. Reduce expenditure & possibility of larger solution applications

2. Removal of your redundant company servers & ancillary equipment.

3. Possibility to reduce & cut down on staffing levels of IT personnel & expenditure.

Possible cloud computing disadvantages:

1. Important security issues and possible consequences as your data is normally stored (& shared on Cloud) with other companies’ data.

2. Almost total dependence on internet connectivity - if your internet links & broadband ‘goes down’ you will endure serious interruptions.

3. Increased costs over the longer term - rather similar to leasing or renting cars compared to buying vehicles outright.

4. Far more complicated & possibly impractical to enjoy software customisation & upgrades because customisation & upgrades are not normally available or helpful with Cloud Computing.

In summary:

Cloud computing may have excellent advantages for business with limited resources.

It may be helpful too for organisations and offices that can function seamlessly & for long periods without any internet in the (rare but nevertheless possible) situation of internet interruptions and breakdown.

However, ‘on-premise servers’ are better for larger businesses that may use customised systems & homegrown solutions to achieve advantage over their competition. And almost certainly better for businesses with ‘mission-critical’ applications which they cannot afford to be without for any period of time….

Individual businesses need to make their own minds up of course & as ever probably best not to be swayed simply by common usages, newer fads & a ‘follow the herd’ mentality.

Be sensible and do your own due diligence on this, possibly very important, decision…

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Contributed by Wayne Conyers on 09-Feb-2011 21:27
Cracking advice Norm, there is too much thought on what cloud can do and not enough about the impact to businesses.

Down time impacts are the key to all of this - and often overlooked, plus these days there are so many additional products which allow a office to function with out the need for a cloud.

Even on a basic level there are some great NAS boxes around at the moment

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Contributed by Ian Bengeyfield on 02-Jan-2011 20:21
As usual Norman you are spot on.

You have nailed all the main points.

Best wishes for 2011


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