29-Dec-2010 20:40

Twitter is just a chat room for......

''Twitter is just a chat room for people who only want to talk to themselves.''

(& as it used to say on my A-level papers)

Please discuss >>

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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 02-Jan-2011 20:29
Could not agree more Chris.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Contributed by Chris Ogle on 02-Jan-2011 20:28
Hi Norman,

Twitter is an undeniable part of all of our futures whether we decide to actively participate or otherwise.

BTCare is a twitter account which BT have set up to solicit client complaints and feedback... it also tells them what is wrong with their organisation and what needs fixing.

I use it to share information that I think those that are connected it with me might like to know about and also to share my daily thoughts and musings as and when the fit takes me.

It is also a great platform to engage in conversation during those large number of micro moments we have during the day where we are waiting for something to happen... (Twitter lists help to concentrate these conversations and filter out noise)

I never use twitter to sell, but I often use it to be find out who does something (i.e. a supplier) and I also use it to get answers to questions from my network.

Twitter also provides me with up to date news information as it happens... from around the world...

It is... as Thomas put it the worlds conversation... at what level we participate is our choice, but let's not forget the conversations, discussions and information being posted happens anyway, with or without us...

Have a great new year!!
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 02-Jan-2011 20:27
Hi Nick - just back in London from a few days in Belgium & France over the New Year.

Actually your comment is incorrect Nick.

I was sent several responses by text & calls and twitter to my (ferry) tweet.

It was thus read by and responded to by several.........

Contributed by Nick Braak on 02-Jan-2011 20:24
According to Norman's twitter status he recently left Calais on a ferry and he wished everyone well. Obviously his tweeting was a pointless exercise, since nobody read it. QED.
Contributed by Andrew Crook on 02-Jan-2011 20:24
I have to agree twitter isn't the best tool for having two way conversations the platform makes it incredibly difficult to do so.

Contributed by Laurence Lowne on 30-Dec-2010 09:39

Before Christmas I was contacted by a person following me, who was having some serious issues with a franchise, and felt I had some answers to the problem based on a previous tweet.

Can't go into details here, suffice to say, I met and gave some clear advice, plus pointing to a solicitor to rectify reputational damage.

Subsequently, this person has come back and placed business with me.

Further today, a potential new team member made contact having followed me for some three months - we meet in the New Year.

At times, I do think I am talking to myself, but little instances like those above prove otherwise.

Also I am very clear about people/organisations I wish to follow, which helps bring the right people into my timeline.

Contributed by Norman Feiner on 29-Dec-2010 23:36
...& your thought Stuarte applies to many new social media tools...

Are we really aware of and how do we really know who; reads, is affected by, repeats (as opposed to retweets) to others & learns from our tweets or comments or...?

I read lots of decent, informative, pithy and many rather humorous tweets or online comments & more often than not decline to respond..

Does that mean they are unappreciated - nope.

Contributed by Stuarte Harris on 29-Dec-2010 23:30
A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with two lady friends, both Twitter users.

Out of the blue, Nicky said "That was such a beautiful thing you posted this morning, Stuart." After a minute or two I identified which tweet she meant - a slightly poetic little musing. "I wanted to respond but I couldn't think of anything in keeping with it."

A few days earlier I was chatting to a guy I had met once before at a Christmas party. He started referring to various things I had tweeted and discussing them with gusto. "How come you never tweet, or respond to those tweets?", I asked. "I don't know what to say, usually, so I saw nothing."

So it seems that just because tweets generate no response on Twitter doesn't mean that they haven't connected..

Making Business Richer
Richer Conversation
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 29-Dec-2010 23:21
Excellent response Alan, and a view with which I agree in its entirety.

Thanks for commenting.

Contributed by Alan Stevens on 29-Dec-2010 23:19

I think there's a lot of truth in that statement.

According to research conducted in October by the social media analytics company Sysomos, only 29 percent of tweets ever generate a reaction -- and 92.4 percent of all reactions occur with the first hour of posting.
So billions of tweets are ignored, and maybe even go unread.

In addition, automated tweets aren't even read by the sender, so a machine is sending messages that no-one sees.

Having said that, I find Twitter a useful tool for profile raising and meeting new people.
I love it.
However, with only 8% of Americans using it, and the percentage flatlining, it's not exactly taking over the world.
It's one tool in the toolbox, but maybe not the sharpest.

Best wishes,


Alan Stevens, President, Global Speakers Federation, 2010-2011
Communication, PR and Reputation Management

Author of Ping! Presenter of Media Coach Radio Show Follow me on Twitter
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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 29-Dec-2010 23:18
Stuarte - may I reflect your response and ask, 'why not'?

With the increasing levels of Twitter usage, the enormous numbers of tweets sent and answered, the wealth of information available and freely provided, it would seem an eminently sensible subject to discuss.

Contributed by Stuarte Harris on 29-Dec-2010 23:17

Why do you want people to discuss it, Norman?
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 29-Dec-2010 23:14
Yep - agreed Alaina

Contributed by Alaina Forbes on 29-Dec-2010 23:14

Sorry, can't agree not only does it seem to work well for business but I have made some genuine friends on there that are very valuable to me.
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 29-Dec-2010 23:13

Alan - I didn't actually say whether or not I agreed with the 'statement'...

As it happens, I disagree with it & consider Twitter a wonderful tool if utilised correctly.

Contributed by Alan Bowman on 29-Dec-2010 23:10
Hi Norman

Cannot agree with you on that as PAWRS has made over 500 contact links to our website thanks to Twitter and we have been using it purposefully for the last 2 years nearly so all I can say it has been great for the Green Connections.

Cheers and hope you hada good Christmas and have a great 2011.

Kind regards

Alan @alanlsg on Twitter
Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 29-Dec-2010 23:10

Twitter can be used for a number of things, broadcasting a message just one. I use it to aggrigate google news alerts on various subjects, those feeds could be fed into facebook pages and provide free content on a subject of my choice, it does it even if I am not there - so that's a robot talking to itself - all links are tracked through so I can track clicks, if humans visit or just watch the machine talking to itself smile

On Facebook: Zara's Coffee Page on Facebook | Zara's Weston-super-Mare Facebook Page
Contributed by Fatimea Tedora on 29-Dec-2010 23:09
@''Twitter is just a chat room for people who only want to talk to themselves.''

So they maybe find a chat partner and enjoy some more their life.. I don't think that they disturb anybody.

I wish you happy Rest days in 2010 and shana tova 2011.


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