03-Jan-2011 16:19

Strategies for B2B & B2C service-providers…

Moving into a fresh year of, hopefully successful, sales, marketing & promotion, what will you be doing & what do you consider to be a strategy for the promotion of B2B & B2C service-provider websites?

Moving into 2011 SimplyFone will be continuing with the basics...

...Social media: blogging via our website; posting on Ecademy, LinkedIn & industry blogs; contributing to industry blogs is difficult to do but very effective.

Twitter is proving valuable; our company FaceBook wall is both fun & worthy; providing information of interest directed to/from our 'site directly to clients via monthly email & posted invoices, direct emails, client connections - updates etc...

All the stuff that seems to work for us…

We cannot of course forget that 80% of the B2B buyers seeking services first use Google as a search engine.

So if it works for you, add SEO and SEM to target these buyers. PPC works rather effectively in these instances. Outbid your competition for the three key-words and try to get high rankings on the first page. Solid search marketing may drive many potential buyers to your website.

For my company SimplyFone the jury is still out with regard to PPC.

The efficacy of any PPC campaign is probably dependant upon the industry wherein you work or attempt to attract your clients.

Within the ‘world of telecoms’ that we inhabit - selling to both UK businesses and residential clients - the problem we encounter is simply that many telephone companies, mobile providers, resellers and internet bundlers who may have heavy advertising budgets, often just ‘throw’ money at PPC style advertising…

Their rather cavalier attempt at creating new clients & promotion has no real ROI & make no real financial sense…

So why do we care?

Well, simply put, it makes PPC campaigns that much dearer, far more competitive and increasingly difficult to get any fulfilling SEO operations to work efficiently..

Nope - my company SimplyFone prefer to seek other avenues to create, sustain & promote…

What are your plans?

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