04-Jan-2011 20:28

Wow-what can one say? I dare you to remain unmoved

I am not too proud to admit to watching this clip in my office alone and actual tears streaming down my….

Call me emotional, perhaps sentimental, but…. wow!!

Not just upset & distress at the absolute frustration this poor kid must suffer but at the love and indomitable spirit that these wonderful parents show and posess.

Gosh - with all the incredible technologies, inventions & advances we have made in 2011… how very, very little do we still truly understand!

Please comment....

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Contributed by Edwin Huang on 05-Jan-2011 16:41
Very moving, Norman.

Carly is clearly very articulate so not to be able to voice her thoughts and words out aloud would be so frustrating.

(As an aside, I wonder what sort of screen reader she has. The voice sounds more pleasant than the JAWS software that Steve G kindly showed me a while ago.)

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Contributed by r i c h a r d p e r r y on 05-Jan-2011 09:37
Been there, seen that, watched it, blogged it, cried.

One of the most amazing videos ever hosted online.

As I remember, a seasoned professional in the field viewed the film RainMan as the most useful public information film in 30yrs of the subject.

This blows Rainman totally out of the field.

I had been following her via DisabledActivists channel on YouTube, but that has been suspended due to copyright.

Do you have her Twitter account details? She used to be on Twitter.

How F*cking lazy can I be?

Here's Carly on Twitter

Here is what Carly says, 43 minutes from me typing this...

"I had a fun time at school today. I've been working on presentation for tomorrow all afternoon. I am so happy to be back at school with my friends. Don't get me wrong i liked my time off but there is no place like school. Plus i had way too much time with my mom and dad. lol I still love them but school helps brake up the day. How are all of you doing? Are you glad to be back at school or work or what ever you do?"
Contributed by Georgina Lester on 05-Jan-2011 09:36
Absolutely stunning Norman!

Thank you for sharing this - amazing.

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