07-Jan-2011 10:53

Put your heart into it...

How can any father forget the emotion experienced the first time he placed his palm over his expectant wife or partner's pregnant tummy and felt or heard the baby's heartbeat.

Quite miraculous to imagine that to sustain the life of this child the ticking heart would need to continue without failure...

Sadly, along life's journey, parts may break down or fail but the working of this ticking heart must remains fully functioning.

That means our hearts may not rest or stop for a moment….

Our hearts remain the essence of our lives. Our hearts define us. Our ticking hearts are the trigger that signals new life and indeed the last sound heard before life ends.

But as a deeper thought, perhaps I may add that just as our physical lives are fully contingent on the well-being of a healthy heartbeat so too are our other lives - our mental health, our giving & charitable work, our social and working lives.

We may flail our arms and kick our legs but if our 'hearts' are not in it we are no better than headless chickens…

We can plod along to our work, we can help people, we can have a social life and we can network, but if there is no heart to our actions then we are not doing our best, we are simply going through the motions & our actions have no real meaning or efficacy…

We were all blessed with functioning hearts - why not make a resolution to use it efficiently and put a little more heart into everything we do and make it come alive today.

Enjoy a great weekend - Norman

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Contributed by Shelley Fishel on 07-Jan-2011 14:59
What a great blog Norman

So true, we need to make sure that we do stop and think about "putting more heart into it" instead of "putting your back into it"!! A much nicer thougth.

Have a lovely weekend.


Shelley Fishel
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Contributed by Carolyn Williams on 07-Jan-2011 11:44
Beautifully put Norman. smile

Two things spring to mind when I read your thread. Two years ago this month, following the funeral of a great sportsman family friend of ours, I wrote a blog.

Today I am in the process of writing a #Sparkle tip for when you neglect your body, in light the colds and flu viruses depleting our immnue systems.

Way to go Norman. Happy Friday!. C ;) x

Carolyn, helping you to #Sparkle with Confidence on Social Media
Contributed by Rob Reyes on 07-Jan-2011 11:10
Thank you Norman for this blog.

I see a bit of myself in this writing, I always tell people to act with passion don't matter what they do, even it if is in an argument. Some people see this as a bad thing, but passion is a pure act of caring.


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