09-Jan-2011 01:30

Predictions for 2011

1. 2011 will be slow & cautious with at least the first half dominated by returning fears of recession.

2. Increasing numbers of Magazines & Newspapers will fail.

3. Peer-to-peer micro-payments will become far more prevalent.

4. Online marketing agencies across all industries will suffer & stagnation will create market consolidation.

5. Economic crisis worldwide will continue and create an environment for innovation & originality

6. The large Internet companies will surprise us all by embracing open standards and compete with each other with added features instead of data lock-in.

7. Web innovations will arrive from Asia; China, Japan and Korea - including new mobile web-applications..

8. Facebook will continue to grow and their platform will be adopted by other social networks. Google will sweat!

9. Women will be an increasing force in the success of social networking. 2011 may see significant success stories from social networks that are either specifically designed for or are primarily geared to women.

10. My children will hopefully get married and move out…

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