12-Jan-2011 10:56

Ofcom probe new T-Mobile restrictions

A recent decision by T-Mobile to reduce customer data allowances on its networks has sparked outrage among its UK subscribers.

Without the required notice period (Ofcom regulations stipulate a minimum of one months notice), T-Mobile amended its data policy leaving customers unaware whether they will be affected. Changes include old 1GB monthly allowances which have been halved to 500MB.

This has caused much uncertainty amongst Android handset users – many of whom specifically purchased allowances of 3GB of data per month to enable viewing of YouTube videos & to utilise apps that normally consume high levels of bandwidth.

In view of the increasing level of complaints Ofcom has decided to review T-Mobile service changes to ensure that customers are protected.

T-Mobiles has responded that the majority of its customers will remain unaffected & new restrictions will only effect app. usage and streaming whilst email and online browsing will remain unaffected.

Have you been affected by this cap?

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