25-Jan-2011 14:24

Is twitter getting 'twitty'?

Amongst those I follow on Twitter and whose output is usually pretty lucid, informative & often entertaining, one has just tweeted, (and I copy verbatim): 'Eurghh I just hiccupped and puked in my mouth! EURGHHHHHHHH'

Now we could all probably wax lyrically for hours, blog 1000's of words, and advise, be mentors and read up on the benefits and disadvantages, the pluses and minuses and the importance or otherwise of Twitter as a networking, social media, advertising, sales and corporate tool, but is this 'rubbish' really necessary?

Has this publicised burp really opened my vista on the networking world, has it in any way enlightened, educated or widened my knowledge?

Or am I missing an important message here?

Hmmm…… :(

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Contributed by Benn Abdy-Collins on 26-Jan-2011 11:09

This reminds me of the saying... engage brain before (dialing/pressing button/texting/speaking) - I guess this is the same for tweeting...


...because life is all about connections, relationships and community
Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 26-Jan-2011 11:08
You have learned that the person talks - as Stuart says like a 'teenager' that expression of sicking in mouth is quite a 'old skool' forum/bebo/youtube like *too much information*

Most of the chatter that people engage on-line in is 'pointless' if measured on - does this make me money ? does it make me happy ? - but it may have made them happy and/or made them money, you never know!

What is news these days ? I think any communication /expression / event that effects anything could be news, a pin dropping is news - you could set up a pin dropping club, full of pin dropping watchers, set up wecams to compare pins dropping, talk about all the different movements they make as they fall, get stills/screen grabs, hold a pin dropping webinar, or annual convention, sell picture of the pin on t-shirts, in calandars, on car bumper stickers etc
I wanna pin!

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