28-Jan-2011 11:52

Be honest..Do your Social Networking Efforts Work?

Many of us spend time and expend effort on 'social networking' perhaps in a subtle attempt to help monetise our 'business networking'.

The question is; are you being totally honest with yourselves..?

Do your social networking efforts - both online and offline - actually assist or are they simply an agreeable & fun way to 'waste' a few hours away from the drudgery of 'real' work & a pleasant chance to meet up with and enjoy a drink or two with like-minded people?

This question may stimulate you into really thinking about what you are doing with your time and what you need to be doing.

Indeed, this uneasy questioning may force you to understand & realise that much of that time spent (wasted?) on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Ecademy et al might be better served on other tasks that may actually lead to increased sales & profits.

May it not be a touch more fruitful and remunerative, for you, to spend time seeking & following sales leads rather than the hours exhausted on & off-line chatting, blogging and interacting with your peers..?
May it not be better to study, research and then contact those possible prospects for conversion into actual paying clients?

Or are you really a believer - are you a true convert to Social Media and Networking?

Do you consider online and offline meetings, chatting and activity on social networking 'sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to be absolutely necessary in order to further your business - not just to be 'sociable' and enjoy a few hours nursing a 'cyber beer'.

It is of course true that networking can aid many businesses and help sell services.

But remember, efficient Social Networking undoubtedly requires specialised expertise to help with the 'how, when, what and where' to utilise social networking strategies to help build your business.

What are your thoughts?

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Contributed by Simon • Cartoon-O! • Ellinas on 28-Jan-2011 15:46

Haven't you anything better to do with your time? :)
Contributed by John L. Evans on 28-Jan-2011 15:46
This is positively insulting - what are you suggesting Norman, people who network are dishonest?

Cheers John

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Contributed by Angus Whitton on 28-Jan-2011 14:44

As I've always said, for me in the main - it's the means to an end - another tool in the box, and yes, quite often there is some enjoyment in using a tool correctly..

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